(published February 5, 2014  Journey of a Chocolate Chic)



I would like to introduce you to Jamila Crawford a vegan chef of the stars, as you all know I have taken on the vegan lifestyle therefore I was super excited to interview Jamila. Since becoming vegan I now call my self the “Wannabe Vegan Chef…..lol…. So having the chance to interview a real vegan chef has been a true pleasure……So  Please follow along and get to know this vegan chef of the stars

1. When did you become a vegan?


It was 1993. I was 19 years old and I had been toying with the idea of eliminating meat and dairy products from my diet. It was just that I loved fried shrimp so very much! Then I met a dear friend who was/is vegan, and he introduced me to foods that were so delicious that I decided to stay on the vegan track. I haven’t looked back since!

2. When did you become a chef?



Though I’ve been preparing vegan meals for over twenty years, I’ve been a ‘self-proclaimed’ chef since 2004. I’ve since had many private clients, including celebrities such as Erykah Badu, Alicia Silverstone and Andre 3000 (to name a few) and it’s been an honor to spread my ‘gospel’- one forkful at a time!

3. How many clients do you have ?

I see everybody as a potential client, so whoever is interested in improving their lifestyle, I’m always available.

4.Tell the readers a little bite about yourself?

I am a: *Tastemaker *Style Maven *Wellness Warrior *Fly Girl and *Master of Domestic Arts


5. Do you have any events coming up soon?

Visit www.earthcandyarts.com and subscribe for updates and future events!

6.What can we expect from you in 2014?

* my anticipated cookbook, more EARTHCANDY* food.fashion.flyness episodes and lots of inspiration!

7. Whats your Facebook,IG,twitter, website so that readers can follow you?

FB: EARTHCANDY* food.fashion.flyness

IG: @earthcandyarts

Twitter: @earthcandyarts

Website: www.earthcandyarts.com

Big Thank you to Jamila for taking the time to share herself with myself and my readers. Much success to you Jamila!