Jamila Crawford Pécou is an acclaimed chef with over 15 years experience as a private chef and caterer. Her culinary tastes are inspired by a wide variety of influences including Latin-American, Asian, Caribbean, Indian, African cuisine and more. As a personal chef, Jamila has worked with clients such as: Alicia Silverstone, Erykah Badu, Dave Chappelle, Andre 3000 and Caron Wheeler to name a few.

Earthcandy specializes in vegan and raw vegan cuisine and is available to cater your next event, dinner, or personal meal. Sample menus available upon request. Please send all inquiries to food@earthcandyarts.com

Click below to view examples of dishes from her forthcoming cookbook.

Making the change from a STANDARD AMERICAN DIET (S.A.D.) to being vegetarian or vegan is not always easy.  Sometimes, the mere thought of making the necessary adjustments to your shopping, cooking, and food prep regimen is enough to scare most people right back in to their comfort zones.

EARTHCANDY Classroom™ is an in-home diet consultation and personalized cooking course by chef Jamila Crawford Pécou which helps make life easier!

This in-home service will help both new as well as experienced vegans and vegetarians learn not only how to prepare delicious, healthy vegetarian or vegan meals. Additionally, EARTHCANDY Classroom™ includes handy tips on how to shop for staple products and foods from your friendly neighborhood grocery store or Farmer’s market - a crucial step in maintaining your new, healthy lifestyle. 


Earthcandy Classroom In-Home Consultation is $125 (per person) for the two-hour session. (Metro-Atlanta area only).

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