Being Mary Jane‘ star Gabrielle Union is eating herself sexy with Vegan Chef Jamila Crawford of Earth Candy Arts. Gabrielle and Jamila have been working it out with a vegan diet for 5 days a week. The soon to be Mrs. Dwyane Wade, has been trying out a whole new menu during filming for Being Mary Jane in Atlanta this summer, and she’s loving it.

Eating vegan Monday to Friday has become part of Union’s health and beauty regimen, helping her to keep it clean and lean without losing the flavor. Earlier in July she told Essence Magazine,  ‘I’m from Omaha. I eat meat. Right now, while I’m filming in Atlanta, I’m experimenting with a vegan diet just to see what all the hoopla is about’.  After trying Jamila Crawford’s whole food vegan noms, she called the office saying ‘I really thought we were doing vegan. I don’t know what the hell this is but it tastes like meat. If this is what being a vegan is, I can roll’.

Like Venus Williams, who describes herself as a ‘flexitarian‘, she’s made room for a little bit of cheating on the weekends and between filming. In a recent interview, she explained, ‘When I?m not working, I try to be reasonable: One day maybe it?s a bacon cheeseburger, another day it?s quinoa and kale. I try to stay close to my fighting weight so when it’s time to go back to work, I don’t have to do one of those crazy diets’.