tulum vegan


"All Things Mexico" is in the air because today is Cinco de Mayo!

People of all backgrounds and ethnicities take to Mexican restaurants across America-- inhaling tacos and syphoning tequila until they pop. As a lover of Mexican food, I start celebrating two days in advance as to NOT get caught up in the rapture of those who can't contain their excitement for Cinco de Mayo (also known as 'drunk people')...

Then I visited Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum had changed my perspective on AUTHENTIC Mexican food, and ultimately my perspective on life... Ergo, Mexican Food is LIFE :)

One restaurant in particular that stands out in my mind (and on my tastebuds) is RESTAURARE VEGAN CUISINE

Restaurare's ambiance was beautiful and serene (in a lush green 'middle-of-the-jungle' type way) with a great staff and EXTREMELY delicious food! The owner even took the time to tell me a beautiful story on the meaning of the word 'Restaurare' itself and the inception of the restaurant that I grew to love with each bite I took!

(More on that story in a future blogpost--I have a method to my blogging madness- trust me!:)) 

The menu is perfectly curated and the juxtaposition of texture and taste were on point. These dishes were FULL of complex flavors, exactly what Mexican cuisine is (in my opinion) known for!

And the mole.....ohhhhh the cacao mole..... was theeee BEST I've EVER had in my life! The owner was tight-lipped about the ingredients in the mole (rightfully so), so I asked if she'd consider selling a bottle to me, which she agreed to! 

(Alas, the day before I came back home to the USA I stopped by Restaurare to purchase the mole--and it was closed (mental note: they are CLOSED New Years Day)).

Although I returned to the States with high hopes, I've yet to find Mexican food in America that can remotely compare to the restaurants I dined at in Tulum. So until I return, I'll just be in my lab (read: kitchen) attempting to recreate the deliciousness I've had the honor of chowing down on! 

Happy Cinco de Mayo, folks!

(P.S.- if you happen to go to Tulum, bring back a bottle of mole from Restaurare for me, please and thank you!)