Now You See It, Now You Don't...

"I am not my hair /

I am not this skin/ 

I am not your expectations, no...

I am a soul that lives within..."

I did it.

I cut my hair.

After donning locs for over 22 years (and for the last two of those years, wondering what I was waiting on to cut them), I finally cut my hair. 


It wasn't that I was necessarily afraid-- I just like to be certain about the decisions I make. 

I needed change. I yearned change. I wanted to feel the sensation of a comb/brush/pick run through my hair-- from root to tip!

After exhausting every possible style I could do with locs, I let 'em go...and I LOVE IT. The hairstyles that I've always admired from afar are now within my grasp; Afro, twist out, cornrows, box braids, etc... 

I need a favor: Can you recommend any natural hair products to try out? I'm in search of the perfect shampoo/condish/moisturizer combo... Thanks in advance :)

Here's to my hair journey!