...meet me in the trap.

...meet me in the trap.

Why? Well; why not? 

A wise woman once said, 

"There are many sides to me/kinda like geometry..." It's who I am.

When you think "vegan", what comes to mind? An acoustic guitar-playing, birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging hippie with a gang of stickers plastered on their car?

Well, that ain't me!

I drive to yoga class...playing Future.

I juice my fruits and veggies... while dabbing with 2Chainz.

While my trap playist on Spotify might make (you) or your Granny's ears bleed, it keeps me company and it makes my food LIT AF!!!

Some of you may ask, "What the heck is TRAP music?" "Trap" is a hip-hop euphemism that refers to hustling, i.e. making your way by any means necessary. This often manifests in behaviors and lifestyles that many might consider to be less-than-desirable. But trap music has become the theme and dominant sound of contemporary rap music. Though some of the lyrics are cringe-worthy, the beats are infectious and fun. I appreciate the creativity and ingenuity of the young artists making this music, and I'm old enough to know right from wrong.

...Even Beyoncé is on it...

...Even Beyoncé is on it...

See, it's about being yourself. I design MY life, tailored to MY preferences.

Don't get me wrong; my musical taste is vast and varied. However, I love the contrast of how we imagine "the trap" in contrast to the image of someone with a "conscious diet". C'mon--I know I'm not the ONLY one in this world who feels the way I do--right? :) Where my peeps at? Holla if ya hear me! 

(P.S.- the Vegan/TrapMusic tees are available for pre-order NOW--JUST in time for me to get down with some TRAP KARAOKE...

Meet me in the trap; it's goin' down :)

(P.P.S.- I do wear Birkenstocks.)